Let’s get acquainted

About me

Who am I

I am a 3D generalist who has a broad knowledge, specifically in game development and 3D modeling but generally in several areas related to the development of a creative product. I believe that my combined experience has made me a competent 3D generalist who knows a lot but does not lose sight of the quality of my work.

I started studying media very early and I have always been very sure of which area I want to work in. I have attended higher education in both film, animation and 3D, all the time it has felt like there is something new to learn, some way to improve my work. In addition to the education, I have also expanded my practical knowledge through projects, both through freelance work, my own hobby projects and full-time work at established gaming companies such as Pocapp Studios.

What I can add

3D modeling, 3D and 2D animation, Rigging, VFX effects, Video editing and Advertising. With this, I want you to take with you that I am not in the least afraid to take on new things, I think it’s really fun to work
across multiple platforms, work with multiple technologies. I learn things quickly and like to challenge myself in my workplace to think quality and think new.